Victoria Bourne

Performing in a Music Video

You’ve recorded a great song, want people to listen to it, realise you need a fantastic video that represents you and your music.

Part of the art of being a musician these days is the ability to be an allrounder, recording your own music, knowing how to make videos, understand marketing, be social media savvy.

Creating the concepts is a whole other blog, this one is to talk about performing.

Filming is very different from a live performance – unless you’re making a live performance music video ;). There are so many subtleties you can add in that you can’t live. Practice filming yourself on your phone, study what looks good when you do it. I have learned by filming myself and taking loads of photos to see what positions and shapes my body looks good in. Filming is such a useful tool for all aspects of music performance, you can learn so much from it.

  • What are you trying to convey?
  • Is the concept abstract?
  • Is it miming?
  • What’s the feel of the song?
  • Know what you’re trying to achieve.

Unless you make the film yourself, choose very carefully who you work with. Will they make you feel relaxed and comfortable? Will they help you bring the best out in yourself?

Consider what you’re going to wear, what impact will that have on how you feel and perform.

When you practice, push yourself don’t just play it safe, try things out.

Miming you have to really know your song well and rehearse with the backing loads before the shoot. The best is singing out live, if you’ve studied your recording well, you’ll know the way you sang it, being able to put in the vibratos, the emotional expression.

If you’re working with a director listen to them, try out their ideas as well as your own. A good director will want to bring out the best in you.

Preparation is key for getting the best out of a session.

Finally, watch loads of videos of different styles of all your favourite artists for inspiration. If you’re a shy person, taking on a character can help in performance.

A phenomenal example of brilliant performance is Donald Glover in ‘This is America’ as Childish Gambino. The rehearsal which went into this. His charisma, outstanding choreography, and acting. It played to all his strengths. The key is finding your own.

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