Stories from the Nightingale Valley

If folk songs traditionally have been a way for communities to pass down local stories and legends, what is a modern folk song today? 

‘Songs from the Nightingale Valley’ will be a new collection of folk songs based on stories told by women living in St Anne’s and Brislington in Bristol. Creating a space where women feel comfortable to share their stories and to be listened to. To then have the opportunity to learn the songs and sing together, in the tradition of folk singing. 

Women will be invited to workshops at Bricks in St Anne’s or they can contribute via email, voice recordings or film. At the workshops we will look at the idea of what a modern folk song is. Stories can be anything, we’ll look at what are shared experiences to local legends, but focused on what as women we all see as relevant to our lives in 2022. 

Victoria will then write the stories into an album of songs. She will compose them using modern technology to create the sound of harmoniums and dulcimers.

The stories will be shared via social media and on this website.

In the final workshops late in 2022, the women will be invited to come along and learn the songs. 

On album release day there will be a showcase performance of the songs in Bristol. 


Stories From The Nightingale Valley

Would you like to participate?

If you are interested in participating send Victoria an email using the form here.

The workshops will be free to participate. They are for women who live in St Anne’s and Brislington Bristol initially.

They will be based in Bricks House in St Annes.

A British Sigh Language interpreter will be available if requested.

The access is suitable for all to the building.

The stories workshops will be in May and June 2022.

The singing workshops in October and November 2022.