Nightingale Valley

Performed by Victoria Bourne  – Vocals, piano , Korg Kross and created electronic sounds.


‘Nightingale Valley’ is a new collection of modern folk songs told from the female perspective. Written and performed by Victoria Bourne. The album is about giving women from Bristol who normally don’t have a voice, the opportunity to tell their stories. It’s main focus point is the Nightingale Valley in St Anne’s.

If folk songs traditionally have been a way for communities to pass down local stories and legends, what is a modern folk song today?

This collection of songs explores what women see as relevant stories to tell about their lives.

Part one is the release of the first three songs covering death, sex and the rarely told perspective of a woman choosing not to have children. Victoria uses traditional instruments in the voice and piano alongside created electronic sounds. Chordal progressions based in traditional folk music.
When part two is completed the plan is to be able to perform the songs with a small women’s vocal group.


Nightingale Valley