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Nightingale Valley 1

‘Nightingale Valley’  is a brand new EP from Victoria Bourne to be released on 7th October 2022 by A Lovely Coincidence Record Label. It is a collection of atmospheric folk songs layered and dank, wet with pleasure and deep rooted belonging of women and water. 
Honouring the rich tapestry of the folk art form whilst introducing modern sounds and technology. These compositions heavily feature the voice as the prime instrument with piano and synth.  

Victoria asked herself the question; If folk songs traditionally have been a way for communities to pass down local stories and legends, what is a modern folk song today? This collection of songs explores what women see as relevant stories to tell about their lives. Set in the Nightingale Valley in Bristol, the album is about giving women from Bristol who normally don’t have a voice, the opportunity to tell their stories. It is curated in two parts. This EP is part one.

Part one is the release of the first three songs covering death, sex and the rarely told perspective of a woman choosing not to have children.

Victoria inspired by the area she lives in writes about the pilgrim trail to St Anne’s Well, Bristol as if something ancient rises in layers and echoes from the past. What was then is still now. Gorgeous harmonies and resounding, over layering of misty, expansive sounds that ring and merge and hold the hand of those who listen as they’re guided in beside the Stream of Graves

Avona and Morresby she creates a modern lusty ballad. Sex as an integral part of everyday life. Inspired by the legend of Avona and the Nightingale valley she uses bindweeds, curvaceous shapes, free cocks and lusty voices all beautifully entwined to draw you in and lay you bare.

A Woman’s Voice – comes from the deep belly of a woman with her feet grounded and her readiness singing from the fibres of her being. The story of a woman who chose not to have children in consideration for the climate emergency we live in, but instead gives her time and experience to support and nurture others through her work instead.

Part two will take place in May 2023 as part of a large multidisciplinary project creating an interactive podcast to be used in the woods. During the second stage Victoria will work with local women collecting stories, writing new songs, then recording pieces, including using sounds from around St Anne’s and local women’s voices to be used in the podcast. 
You can buy the EP following the link below release date is 7th October 2022.

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