3RD MAY 2024

Rewire is soul-stirring Americana, a cinematic take on folk-blues that is a balm for the broken hearted and a swoon-inspiring delight for the lovers.



From darkness and loss, hangovers were left behind for the peace of sobriety for husband and

wife duo Hangover Square. Two years in the making the second album ‘Rewire’ follows on from the success of ‘Painting With An Open Heart. This talented duo left behind hangovers, became sober and bounced back from two close friends suicides and Victoria’s own depression. Confronted with so much existential angst, last year became a springboard for change going back to their roots of electronica and acoustic sounds. Expect the feel of a Ry Cooder soundtrack with Bjork popping up to provide musical interludes.


Were doing what we love best, creating sad, romantic, cinematic music”


Creating new music is incredibly healing. The countless days and nights spent working on the intricate details aided the mental health healing process. Lyrically, the album reflects on the subjects of suicide and depression with the essence of hope, love and care for one another. We used electronically created sounds alongside the acoustic instruments that are unique to the album sounding like a 40 piece ensemble at times. In our long recording process we shared all the writing and composition, adding vocals, guitars and the electronic sounds”.


It was important to us that the electronics are an integral part of the band both on the recordings and live. Not to replace musicians but to be a musician in their own right”.  


They host gigs in venues as diverse as a graveyards, gothic churches and cinemas. This is two people sounding like a 40 piece ensemble. Their hopes are to perform the new music across the globe in 2024 and beyond.

Reach out and listen with us whilst we take you on a journey to Hangover Square.


Hangover Square are an Americana, folk-blues and roots duo. They are Bristol-based husband and wife duo Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper. Two highly experienced professional musicians who have been played widely across the radio including having been play-listed on BBC Radio 2, they have toured extensively across the UK and in Europe.


Sleeve Notes

Album Title: Rewire

Music by: Hangover Square

Victoria Bourne –  Vocals, Synth, Organ and Piano

Chris Harper – Guitars and orchestrations


Produced, mixed and mastered by Hangover Square

The artwork by Victoria Bourne


  1. Softest of Silks
  2. Hold My Hand
  3. When You
  4. Thursday Redemption
  5. Rewire
  6. Gone
  7. Horizons
  8. Grandcamp Maisy
  9. Endearment
Hangover Square Rewire



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