Victoria Bourne

Free Your Voice

In our crazy Covid-19 world many of us feel we are losing ourselves and our voices. We stop ourselves from doing the things that bring us joy because they are harder to access. You may feel inhibited at home where you can’t sing at full volume.

  1. Try singing with headphones on. This cuts out outside sound and helps you focus on your voice.
  2. Sing along with a favourite video, track. This will help you literally shake off those inhibitions as you are singing with someone else.
  3. If home is the only place you can sing and you are worried about the sound for your neighbours. Choose a time when they are out or limit singing to 10-20mins bursts only during the day (Unless your neighbour works nights!). Go out to your car have a drive and sing outloud.
  4. If you’re really self conscious, try just humming in your space. Even humming is beneficial to help free your voice for singing.

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