Creative Bubble Vix Bourne

The Creative Bubble

One of the questions I get asked most from singing students who are songwriting is about the process. What works?  what are the methods? It’s a long discussion that we have, but the one thing of most importance is the idea of your own creative bubble.

There is nothing more important to an artist than time and space to think and follow through ideas. Shutting out the noise from the outside world, limiting social media, the news, food shopping, paying the bills everyday mundanity when you want to write.

Focusing your attention and clearing your mind for music-making is so important. You’re not going to rock the world with an emotional heartfelt song if part of you at the time is thinking about the nice next pair of curtains you’re going to buy for your living room.

There is so much noise around us. It’s been able to hone in on the time you can have to write. You can’t always plan to know when you’ll be in the mood for writing, but some discipline every day will make it easier. For example, writing in a diary or lyric book every day even if it’s rubbish it’s ok, its the art of actually putting something together, writing down your thoughts. The atmosphere you write in will depend on who you are. I prefer peace and quiet and really enjoy writing in the garden – but other songs have happened late night after a few drinks etc. Sometimes when I’ve started something it can take months to finish others literally 2mins. The point is to do something regularly.

We all go through dry spells, but the key is to keep on working at it and to create the right kind of environment for you to be able to work.

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