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Victoria Bourne

Victoria Bourne (MA MUSIC, ATCL (DISTINCTION), PGCAP) is a renowned vocal coach, performer and musician. Committed to helping people be the best performer they can be. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, aspiring intermediate or advanced singer.  
I have a singing lesson for you.
Singing lessons Bristol and around the world online.


25 Years Experience
As a professional musician, singing teacher and musical director.

Qualified Teacher
Postgraduate Certificate in Education 
Kings College London

Professional Musician
Masters in Music University of Bristol
Associate of Trinity College london (Distinction)

Current Music Projects

Hangover Square Roots rock duo sitting in a bed of lushness. Slide guitar intertwined with a piano, voice and synth sound world. Melodic guitar riffs and haunting vocals’“…this is hugely accomplished…an impressive calling card…a hangover most definitely worth nursing…”Folk Radio UK

Victoria Bourne and Walt Shaw Melodies inspired by traditional English Folk Songs floating above the pointillistic abstraction creating a richly atmospheric, melancholic, brooding and beautiful sound. Living in a twisted folk landscape. So wonderful to hear the beautiful boiling of percussion and this very folk like melody moved and twisted and distorted into this landscape of trees and meadows and hill.’ BBC Radio 3 Corey Mwamba

Victoria Bourne and Jim Tetlow The Duality Shroud, their first complete album together. Sonically compatible with a strong respect and mutual understanding of each others music. The album is based on improvisations and composed pieces.

United Isolation Ensemble The United Isolation Ensemble was born when Covid-19 lockdown forced current cessation of Leicester’s monthly Quadelectronic nights at Quad Studios. Rather than live group improvisation, the concept is for solo performance material sent via online transfer and overlaid into interesting and unexpected combinations.


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